Studio Open House 2020

In order to prioritize the health and safety of our customers, the artists, and everyone involved in the Studio Open House we have decided to cancel the event for this year. This would have been our 27th year of kicking off the holiday season by bringing together artists and makers at Bradford Woodworking over Thanksgiving weekend. We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving 2021 and inviting everyone out to the Studio Open House next year.
Brad Smith & Royce Yoder


Brad Smith


Furniture makers frequently ride the coattails of easily recognized styles such as Shaker, Country or Arts and Crafts. In my work, I intentionally try not to be pigeonholed into an existing furniture design category. What I try to do is make furniture that has not been seen before, but still retains some familiarity. That familiarity is gained through the use of good proportions, honest construction, and old-fashioned usefulness. My basic concept is to use “off the shelf” parts in ways that were never intended—as elements in the furniture. Because the shop is located on a farm, I decided to develop that as a “theme,” which is why the parts are farm related. The idea is to make something special out of something ordinary. Ax handles seemed to be the perfect chair leg with their gentle S-curve and knobby foot. Pitchforks make ideal supports for chair backs and they even have some spring when you lean back. Disc blades, used on farm equipment, are equally good as bases for my coatrees, lamps, and music stands. These “parts” have become significant elements in my design vocabulary and give the furniture its distinctive Bradford “look.”

– Brad Smith


Royce Yoder

Stoneware Pottery

I enjoy making pots! I have a BA/Art from Goshen College, Goshen, IN, 1976. Started making pots for a living in 1978 and have been in my current studio since 1982. I love the rhythm, flow, and pace of working by myself. Each day has new problems to solve and work is never dull.

There is a certain satisfaction of seeing completed pieces at the end of a day, week, month, and year. The challenge is staying fresh and not allowing the work to become routine. I am always looking to “smarten up” my work by tweaking the details of form, color and purpose. It has been a rich and rewarding career.

– Royce Yoder


Sardine Clothing Company

Upcycled Clothing and Accessories

I am Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert, and I am a little fishy. I believe in reusing anything you can and my little part is re-purposing gently used clothing.  I love shuffling through the racks at my Salvation Army for t-shirts, cashmere, wool, and other articles of clothing that can be cut up and made into new, unique pieces of clothing and accessories.

Sardine Clothing Company started in 2008 with one woman and a sewing machine making kids clothing from thrift store finds. After a few years, it is still one woman (and friends!) and A LOT of sewing machines making fun “everyday favorite” skirts and accessories from even more thrift store finds.

Your purchase of any of Sardine Clothing Company’s up-cycled items helps reduce the amount of textile waste in landfills and greenhouse gases which improves our environment and makes this a better planet!

– Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert


Rachel Derstine

Fiber Art

Rachel Derstine is a fiber artist living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

“I primarily uses hand dyed or painted cottons, silks and nonwovens.  Having grown up in Japan I also have a love of Asian fabrics and kimono silks, incorporating these ancient traditional fabrics into my compositions. Use of sheers, couching and fabric paints give a sense of depth and texture. Slightly curving lines portray gracefulness and circles are often present representing wholeness and creativity.”

– Rachel Derstine

Thanksgiving Weekend

Coming Back in 2021

Thanksgiving Weekend 2021

Coming Back in 2021

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